current projects

current projects

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incredibly innocent!

fallen angels


who are you to judge?

fallen angels


abandoned, tossed out, outcast: you're welcome! :-) Come in, come in, come in!


Let's conclude peace!


We admire your beauty, we share your fury, your sadness and your feeling of injustice! We beg and grant forgiveness, which is most probably the mightiest tool in our kit for achieving mental health and spiritual growth!


Let's fall in love! :-)


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Sascha Hackfurt is about to draw some brilliant illustrations for the upcoming second edition of "Sonett für Schneewittchen" as well as for other projects.

"Sonett für Schneewittchen" is going to be revised for an upcoming second edition with new poems, new images and some beautiful illustrations by my dear friend Sascha Hackfurt.

Snow White is not the only fairy tale which is going to be newly picturized. If You like to become part of it as a model, please feel free to Contact Us!

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