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canonised cubic capacity!

belles & bolides


who are you to judge?

Torque, torque, torque!


You're free to decide, free to accelerate, free to ride!


Don't theorize about freedom, just take it, feel it, enjoy it and don't give a f*** about what people say that you „should do“ or „shouldn't do“: who are they to judge?


...thy freedom come!


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"Dämon Sucht"

upcoming brandnew novel!

Evil incarnate: Todd B., formerly known as the "Bald Belial", rages against physicians and pharmacists, politicians, ecocide, egoism, the educational school system, mass media and the modern consumer society - and finally finds a way to f*** them all!


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nasty nurses:

"it's time for your enema!"

Wolves in sheep's clothing: neurotic nurses, sadistic Sisters of Mercy, psychopathic physicians – our upcoming (Helloween-) horror theme!


And the horror is real, because, if you ever wanted to feel like being completely and utterly at somebody's mercy in our times, you simply must go to a hospital! All your dreams of dignity and humiliation are going to become true, especially if you, accidently, decided to go to a psych ward!


The „demi-gods in white“ will teach you a lesson!


Like to unmask these beasts in disguise and help them to show their true faces? Then please feel free to

germanic gods and goddesses

incarnations of dieties today!

There was a time, when the Gods and Goddesses used to live right among us – living creatures of flesh and blood, eating, drinking, celebrating, struggling, fighting, suffering, f****** and, nevertheless, loving and caring!


Where did they go? Did Ragnarök already happen? Or is the Twilight of the Gods still to come? Maybe the Gods are still here, still strong, still mighty and still waiting for their destiny to fullfill!


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